Am I Racist If I Dream of a White Christmas?

Ethan Chellan:

I think it’s about culture, the culture of melanin. Next thing you know, they’ll be saying that Superman is too white. Or Spiderman, or Batman, or King Arthur, or…PLEASE STOP ME! Brilliant Post !!

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Evidently writing about racism is like working for the CIA:  just when I thought I was done and out, they pull me back in.  Race, racism, race baiting, race profiling, race walking, race horses, race for the cure, emb-race the suck—enough already!  It’s time that we as a culture dug deep, looked within, and somehow found the strength to stop being so stupid.

The latest manufactured media hullabaloo is about the race of Santa Claus.  That’s right, Santa Claus.  And it all started with Slate blogger Aisha Harris.



Aisha got everybody riled up by saying that Santa should be a penguin.

A what?


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Resolutions and Hiccups

Resolutions! I want to and I will… and nothing.

We make them and usually break them. I’ve recently read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and it gave me a better perspective over life. We want things to appear on our path, but they don’t. It is all a mind game. Our thoughts attract things and this causes what we have. It is based on the law of attraction and it makes sense. To make things really happen read this book, because it will definitely change you. Buy it here.

It is the end of the year and the beginning of 2012. What do you want out of 2012? The making of resolutions is the starting point. We often break the goals we set for ourselves. It is all in the mind.



So you want to lose weight, want more money etc.

The key to your success lies on what you’re constantly thinking. If one of your goals is to become fit, you have to feel and believe that you are fit, today. That’s the only step. Think of your goals and imagine that you achieved them all. Believe and feel them now! It worked for me and it worked for millions.

Use some of these for your resolutions:

  • Be grateful for everything you have.
  • Step up and take charge: Lead with or without a crown. (No crown needed  to lead)
  • Think positively. (We are limitless)
  • Give more and you will live in abundance.
  • Become fit. (Use some technology: Use Adidas MiCoach to make your workouts rock)
  • Begin a balanced diet.
  • Ban procrastination out of your conscience.
  • If you want it do it.
  • Smile.
  • Keep it real and realistic.
  • Read The Secret!!!

Happy new year and make them, believe them and keep the 23rd of December out of everything.


Become super fit with Adidas MiCoach

More about The Secret.

We are limitless.

Get inspired by Jo Bryant.

Interview: Keeping it real

A couple of weeks ago I got interviewed by Mr. I. Europa of Cape Winelands Education. Here is the conversation:

 1. Does it bother you when people ask you about your private life?

Not really, there is nothing to hide.

2. Who’s really hiding behind that smile?

I’m just a quiet person and I don’t keep up with trivialities. I’m a bit serious with a good sense of humor.

3. What inspires you to get up every morning?

I am part of the youth, the future and I have a role to play. My grandfather, mother and father is my great source of inspiration. You can always draw on the wisdom of elders. Every day is a challenge. My surname says it all [Chellan :D ]. I take the ‘chellanges’ of life as it comes. There are opportunities for everyone.


4. Who or what irritates you the most?

People who complain about everything and people who give up easily. If you dream, you can achieve anything. I get terribly angry at people who blame their bad choices on their circumstances and people who throw their opportunities away.

5. Was the prize by chance or one of your dreams?

It was a team effort and we have certainly entered to possibly win the prize. Yet it was a pleasant surprise when my school informed me.

6. The perception of the youth is: casual e-freaks! Is this true?

Modern technology requires people to stay abreast of world events. Technology is necessary for academic growth and development. I blog, tweet and participate in modern communications that is required for our challenging technological lifestyle.

7. What do you think should be taboo for the youth?

Drugs, alcohol, irresponsible sex and especially the hookah are very disgusting.

8. You have embarked 2011 fearlessly? Is there something that scares you?

The future is always dark. Hard times are always there; especially the unknown university life is quite scary.


9. Future plans?

Medical doctor first and I want to work in public hospitals. The politics inspire me, maybe president. [Joke]
I would like to create a website that can serve as a fund for  cancer sufferers and perhaps, if possible, a clinic for the underprivileged.
I would like to help the unemployed to a piece of bread on the table. The issue of racial discrimination irritates me terribly, I want to help make democracy really working.

10. After successes in recent years, especially about your writing and involvement in the school newspaper, is a new target in your sight?

I would like to write articles as a freelance journalist. Despite many criticisms, I will continue to blog about current issues, especially around choices in life, politics, sport and just about anything.

11. What would you cut from your life?

People who mock and discourage others.

12. Something positive for your friends …

There are about 8 billion people in the world. Everyone can do something out of their lives.Be positive, keep your willpower and dream your dreams. Live your life fully. Our specie is boundless.

Some highlights

As I look back I see myself as that little boy with bare feet that was so scared for creche. Just to think my twelve years here at High School Tulbagh is all over now is mere impossible. My last day was bittersweet, because a big chapter of my life has finished.

My school is the best. The history that goes with is magnificent. This school made me believe in my dreams. Made me feel that I could and can still achieve anything.

My teachers aren’t ordinary people, but more superhero like. My teachers walked that extra mile. I admire them all.

My final exams went quite well. Red Bull was my bread and butter through my final examinations. Caffeine is no good, but mentally it helped. (I think :D)

Here is my matric farewell, which featured in the KaapRapport newspaper. It was a night to remember.

Ethan Chellan and Karunee Naidoo
My father, Karunee, me and my Mother
Tulbagh's beautiful landscape



I’m finished with school; I’m looking forward to my final results. I will be studying medicine at the University of Stellenbosch next year. Thanks everyone for your positive comments and motivation. Dreams do actually come true!

My journey has begun…


Tullies haal uit en wys

Confusion: Pray for Malema

Some of you may be thinking why I’m writing about politics that I know nothing about, but all of these politics have a bad impact on my country.

“ Malema builds a R16 million mansion." - Die Burger

I don’t really want to write about Julius Malema, but his actions are unacceptable. (Hope he will come to his senses one day) Everybody knows he is an influential man, a bad one. I’ve watched numerous debates and shows about voters complaining about their own leaders. These people are so confused, living with masks over their faces.

A few months after the election, the majority of the voters who voted for a specific party complained and wanted to riot. It just boggles my mind. Why vote for people that you know won’t bring change?
The newspapers are full of Malema and his nonsense that drives me insane. Why don’t they…

I do salute the AGRI Forum and the people who got to shut him up. This advertisement in Die Burger is the best I’ve ever seen. [A homeless man sleeping with the newspaper: “ Malema builds a R16 million mansion."]

South Africans will pray for the downfall of the ANC like they did with the apartheid government, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said in Cape Town earlier today.

In this world we will never get the perfect president, but we must learn to endure and pray that our hearts will stay pure.


Read this:

ANC worse than apartheid govt: Tutu

Chasing dreams since I was 8 years old | Medical Student | Pessimistic Optimist |


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